Circle Square, Manchester

Circle Square


Architect: FCB Studios
Main Contractor: John Sisk and Sons
Installer: FK Group

Installed by Kawneer’s approved specialist subcontractor FK Group, the £25.3 million project, designed by FCB Studios, was the first to use Kawneer’s newly enhanced AA®110 Curtain Wall system that features a bespoke expansion joint, which allows a building movement tolerance of +/- 15 mm. Creating a sense of scale and vibrancy, the white profiled terracotta ceramic façades contrast the earthy tones of the perimeter buildings in a modern interpretation of the grand Victorian warehouses nearby. The high-performance Curtain Wall was accompanied by AA®720 Side Hung Open-In Windows to deliver a high level of thermal performance throughout. Using passive principles, the high insulation building fabric coupled with solar control glazing, address the energy requirements for heating and cooling.

For more information about this project download the full case study PDF