Maintenance and Cleaning

General Guidance for Maintenance and Cleaning of Kawneer Products and Systems


A regular cleaning and maintenance regime for Kawneer products and systems is essential to ensure longevity of performance and correct functionality.

Aluminium elements require the regular use of non-aggressive cleaning agents, such as tepid water with a non-aggressive pHneutral (6-8), non-acetose ammonia-free detergent.

Kawneer products are equipped with superior quality hardware, promoting smooth, long-life system operation.

Seamless product operation is achieved through careful attention to maximum weights and dimensions on a product by product basis.


Fittings operation can be checked on the handle. Locking and unlocking forces are defined according to EN12046. Greasing or adjustment of fittings will help to increase ease
of operation.

Hardware Fastening

• System operation is dependent on correct fastening of fittings.
• Check strength and positioning of screws in aluminium profiles. Loose or damaged screws should be fixed or replaced.

Unsuitable for Cleaning

• Hard materials, such as knives, steel wool, metal scrapers, sandpaper etc. Use of these will damage surface finishes.
• Avoid using aggressive or corrosive cleaning agents. These could potentially cause irreversible damage to surfaces.

NOTE: Marine, aggressive or chlorine environments carry additional cleaning and maintenance demands, which should be handled on a project basis, and according to the manufacturers requirements.