BALANCE means integrating a holistic approach with sustainable methods and practices. At Kawneer, this has always been at the heart of our business, operations, product and value chain. We have made significant progress in our efforts towards sustainability and paved a leadership approach for over 100 years. With a focus on mindfully balancing business strategy with business responsibility, we are renewing our commitment to this approach through BALANCE as an ongoing journey to continuous growth for future generations.

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We believe in a balanced holistic approach to sustainability through our three pillars: Planet, People and Product.

We are striving to make the world healthier, more sustainable and balanced by focusing on our business practices, product design, production, operations and our people.


Strengthening our responsible and ethical business strategy to more positively impact our Planet

Our Planet Pillar represents our commitment to elevating the well-being of our planet and enhancing the world around us. With buildings being responsible for around 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions, we are committed to continuing to produce more sustainable products to help minimise the environmental impact of the built environment. Our sustainability and business goals are in alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are tracking and taking steps to reduce our emissions across Scope 1, 2, and 3. Kawneer is committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 40% over the next six years in alignment with Paris Climate agreement, and 1.5°C pathway.

As buildings are currently responsible for around 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions, we are committed to using recycled aluminium to minimise the environmental impact of our products. We work to balance the impact of our products and operations by taking accountability, by lowering our products’ embodied carbon through recycled billet and by lowering operational carbon through our thermal and ultra-thermal product options.

In the United Kingdom we invest in a continuous improvement programme to review and implement new methods and practices that help reduce our carbon footprint as a business. Our initiatives range from water recycling equipment and zero waste to landfill strategies to optimising our manufacturing sites’ energy usage and logistics fleet. We are acutely aware that even the smallest improvement can make a big difference which is why we are continually exploring new ideas of positive change.

We work to balance the impact of our products, manufacturing and operations with taking a responsible approach to our supply chain, processes, technology and people.

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Ensuring a holistic approach to business cultures, environments and communities that care for People

At Kawneer, caring for people is a fundamental pillar that represents our commitment to create better relationships, partnerships and environments. BALANCE is about fostering human capital, upholding human labour rights along with the health, safety and wellbeing of people across our business and entire value-chain. We have robust policies and governance standards that we adhere to across all our offices. These policies are in place to ensure we have a diverse, ethical and inclusive workplace. Kawneer maintains a strong commitment to integrity, accountability and respect in all our interactions with employees, customers, suppliers and local communities. Kawneer is also adding a target on gender equality as we strive to grow the number of salaried women at Kawneer to 35% by 2030.

Safety is a fundamental part of our business. We promote a safe workplace based on equality, mutual respect, shared responsibility and a sense of belonging. We believe in the value of employee wellbeing, competitive wages, professional growth and volunteer opportunities to positively impact our communities.

In the United Kingdom we promote an inclusive workplace based on equality, mutual respect, shared responsibility and a sense of belonging. We invest in the wellbeing of our people and we offer funding and support to surrounding communities to help the next generation of industry talent. From championing women in the workplace, investing in partnerships and schemes in place to support local schools with Young Enterprise to Scholarship Programs to support ongoing higher education, we adopt an holistic approach that ensures people are valued and invested in.

The balance of mental health is paramount which is why we also promote a workplace environment where people can feel comfortable to talk with a team of mental health first-aiders. We have created an environment where our people can tap into a support network that feels safe, confidential and reassuring.

Investing in people helps to create a better business, better communities and a more positive environment in which people can thrive.

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Aligning responsible design, engineering and manufacturing with product innovation

We take great pride in creating industry-leading, innovative façade products that champion sustainable design, reduce environmental impact and promote the safety and well-being of building occupants, while offering complete product transparency.

As an infinitely recyclable material, aluminium promotes the circular economy and reduces waste. Kawneer uses recycled aluminium content with a lower environmental impact across our products. We are committed to providing product ingredient transparency through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and partnering with programs like the international living futures Declare label. We are also dedicated to expanding and enhancing our Cradle to Cradle offering as we believe this certification fully encompasses the sustainability of a product for its entire lifecycle.

Through innovation, design, material selection and the evolution of the supply chain, BALANCE is about delivering products that positively impact our planet, people and communities.

In the United Kingdom, we believe that billet is only the beginning. Comprehensively reducing carbon goes beyond the source material, and we are making positive steps in several other areas to positively impact the reduction of operational carbon. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions within our manufacturing operations and also leading the industry with sustainable façade design that increases performance but minimises the use of unnecessary hazardous materials.

From our low-carbon billet offer that features 75% recycled aluminium to products that offer incredible thermal performance with a significant reduction of foam, we continue to strive towards creating aluminium façade solutions that build legacies and protect the planet.

We are committed to sustaining our journey of BALANCE by continuing to work together with our people, partners, communities and key stakeholders to help create a better world.

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Aluminium: The Material of Choice

Modern building design has evolved in complexity as today’s buildings serve more than one purpose. Architects, specifiers and contractors are now looking at projects holistically and factoring in functionality, economics, aesthetics and a building’s role in the local community. The materials used on a building are integral to executing a successful building design and aluminium’s durability and flexibility deliver longevity as well as a wide range of aesthetic options. Aluminium’s high strength-to-weight ratio, recyclability and formability give it many advantages compared to alternative materials.


Kawneer leads the industry in sustainable design and innovation. We provide a tremendous amount of transparency, not just about what goes into our products but also on how they are manufactured. In 2016 we released our first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and have since continued to work diligently in defining sustainability for the industry. With advanced technology processes and highly recyclable aluminium products, we are focused on continuing to reduce our environmental footprint.

Kawneer is committed to accelerating this approach through our ‘BALANCE’ philosophy. This does not represent a new path but an ongoing journey. We are dedicated to constantly improving for future generations.