Optimise without Compromise – The Kawneer Approach to Value Engineering

Delivering a project on budget and conforming to the original specification has never been more crucial.

It is therefore very understandable that construction professionals are extremely protective of their design concepts and maintaining their integrity throughout the entire planning, procurement and build process.

The term “value engineering” has become commonplace in our industry. It is too often a source of worry and discomfort within a construction team, understandably keen to deliver the very best building possible.

At Kawneer we understand these concerns and have developed an approach to value engineering that seeks to enhance the original design concept, without compromising it in any way.

We see value engineering as a critical extension of the partnership principles enshrined within our main contractor relationships.

To us, value engineering is all about delivering the ultimate solution – a process of optimising architectural aluminium systems to arrive at the best design option for the application in question, in the most cost efficient manner.

The very best results are unquestionably achieved by leveraging our in-depth, global experience base at the earliest stages of the project.

This ensures that the elements of the project we can influence are at the cutting edge of current thinking in Architectural Aluminium Glazing Solutions.