Approved Specialist Contractors

Nationwide Coverage

Our network of specialist contractors covers the whole of the UK and wherever you or your project is located, there will always be a choice of Kawneer approved contractors who can work with you.

This includes not only the project design, fabrication and installation methodologies for all our products, but also the financial, organisational, logistical and manpower resources needed to meet the quality of operations that projects demand.  Many of our contractors have 30 years experience or more of working with Kawneer Systems.

For a list of Kawneer ‘Approved Specialist Contractors’ please complete the form here.

Trained and Approved

We have an exacting process of training, vetting and authorisation to ensure that all our contractors can manage both the technical and the business processes involved in supplying Kawneer systems.  Our contractors are not only fully trained prior to approval, but regularly undergo top-up courses to ensure that their skill levels have been maintained as well as receiving instruction on new products or product modifications.  All training is provided by CWCT approved Kawneer staff.

Comprehensive Experience

The Kawneer network includes contractors with experience of projects of all sizes, in all sectors of construction.  We also have contractors with whole envelope capability, allowing a single brief for projects with interfaces between, for example, curtain walling and timber cladding, or roofing and cladding.  Some of our contractors have extensive experience in specialised sectors such as education and are Scape-approved.

Carefully Selected

All Kawneer contractors have been vetted against strict criteria and must comply with our standards for financial stability, suitable experience, skill levels and training in the fabrication and installation of the relevant Kawneer products, robust quality assurance procedures and appropriate manpower and logistics resources.  Moreover, many of our contractors have design expertise and drawing offices in-house and are self-sufficient experts in their own right.

Ongoing After-Sales Services

Kawneer is much more than just a systems manufacturer.  As a supplier of systems solutions, we keep in touch with the entire process from initial specification to final commissioning.  Our authorised contractors monitor the quality of the product as it is fabricated and installed and critical items are often inspected on site by Kawneer’s own consultants.