Kawneer is prepared for change with the new ‘Approved Document L’ regulations

26 May, 2022

The thermal regulations for façade products will change from June 15th 2022, with U-value requirements and Window Energy Ratings being upgraded as part of the new Approved Document L. The changes are detailed on the Government website, and everyone within the UK construction industry needs to familiarise themselves with the changes.

Document L forms part of a larger set of guidance and rules for Building Regulations in the UK, setting the standards of how we design, build, maintain, recycle and operate. As a leading innovator, Kawneer is fully committed to changing practices to meet regulations and reduce its global impact.

The new Approved Document L will now be in 2 Parts, Dwellings, both New Build and Refurbishment will fall under Part 1, and all other Non-Dwellings fall under Part 2.

Why The Change? Increasing Performance to Reduce Emissions

Buildings currently in use are reported to be contributing around 40% of global carbon emissions. The UK Government has ambitious targets to help reduce emissions in both the New Build and Refurbishment sectors, including changes to the performance requirements of windows, doors and façade systems.

The plan to help reduce carbon emissions is being introduced in two phases. With the 2025 Future Homes Standard demanding that buildings produce around 75% less carbon than today’s levels, the interim changes made this summer will aim for a 31% reduction in carbon emissions.

There are also further updates to Approved Document F regarding ventilation of buildings and Document O relating to overheating, along with changes planned for the Scottish and Welsh Building Regulations.

How will Kawneer products be affected? Impacted not Compromised

Kawneer’s product portfolio is constantly evolving in line with industry changes. A wide range of products and solutions have been tested and thermally modelled to comply with the new Approved Document L.

Our window and door systems offer a range of thermal performance levels to give users choice in the specification to meet and/or exceed the requirements of ADL.

With regards to our curtain wall systems, as the framing materials tend to represent such a small proportion, typically <5% of the overall element, it is really the performance specification on the glass that will dictate the overall U-value declaration. In terms of ADL, products including our AA®100, AA®110, AA®201 and AA®265 systems will comfortably meet, and typically exceed the requirements.

Are you providing additional support? New Rules, Same Support

As this is a step change for the industry, it is important that contractors, fabricators, installers and specifiers are all familiar with the new requirements. Refurbishment will require compliance from the 15th of June 2022, as there is no grace period.

To support customers and partners now and in the future, Kawneer’s Technical Services and Architectural Services teams will be providing further guidance and support over the coming weeks and are on hand to help you choose the right products to meet these upcoming changes.

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