Kawneer’s world leadership in architectural aluminium systems has been achieved through an insistance on product quality and performance.

Kawneer’s in-house paint plant gives complete control over paint quality on all Kawneer profiles.

Kawneer is a Qualicoat Applicator

There are a growing number of UK specifications that include the QUALICOAT Standard. Architects are turning to QUALICOAT for powder coating specification as the standard is constantly being kept up to date with new technology and extensive research undertaken by its members.

Quality and consistency of quality, continues to be highlighted by QUALICOAT UK & Ireland, which includes third party testing of all certified powder formulations and pre-treatment systems that make up the QUALICOAT approval process.

Permacover™ Paint Finishes

Kawneer Permacover™ is a high quality polyester powder paint finish, offering a wide range of solid and metallic colours, providing outstanding resistance to environmental conditions.

Permanodic® Finishes

Kawneer Permanodic® is a range of subtle anodised colours which have been specifically developed for architectural glazing systems.

For more detailed information on our Finishes, download this brochure here. 

Permanodic® Finishes

Anodised Finishes
Kawneer anodised colours are obtained by giving the complete aluminium profiles a caustic etch, followed by anodic treatment, to produce a high density aluminium oxide coating. The aluminium oxide has a minimum coating thickness of 25 microns. The aluminium is immersed in specific electrolytes and subjected to stringent process controls, to produce a hard coating which forms an extremely durable protective surface which is fade free.

A well tried colour anodising process, proven in accelerated laboratory tests, extensive field trials and contract experience gives architects and specifiers product confidence. By interference colouring , produced by enlarging the anodic pores and depositing nickel metal in the base, a steel blue-grey colour is produced which is fade free.


  • Bronze/Black
    Anolok 541
    Anolok 543
    Anolok 545
    Anolok 547
    Anolok 549
    Anolok 54B
  • Gold
    Regency Gold 1
    Regency Gold 2
    Regency Gold 3
  • Blue/Grey
    Anolok II = Stone Grey
    Anolok II = B711
    Anolok II = B713
    Anolok II = B715
    Anolok II = B717
  • UA Dye Colours – A range of 15 different Reds, Yellows and Blues.


  • BS 3987:
    Specification for anodic coatings
  • ISO 9001: 2015
    Quality Management System

Cleaning and Maintenance
Under normal environmental conditions the coatings have a life expectancy of up to 30 years, when cleaned and maintained in accordance with Kawneer’s published instructions, available on request from the Technical Services Department at Runcorn.

Permacover™ Paint Finishes

Kawneer Permacover™ is a high quality polyester powder paint finish, offering a wide range of solid and metallic colours, providing outstanding resistance to environmental conditions.

A range of anodised finishes are also available. Colour samples are available on request from the Architectural Services Team.

Finishes are applied by a 12 stage pre-treatment process to achieve maxiumum exterior durability; the finished coating is covered by a 15 year gloss and 30 year matt and metallic guarantees, including adhesion. Aluminium profiles are chemically pre-treated prior to the application of coatings, which are fully heat-cured to produce the final protective coating. Kawneer’s in-house paint plant gives complete control over paint quality. Guarantees are subject to application and Kawneer acceptance in marine, industrial, swimming pools or other aggressive atmospheres.

Kawneer is also an approved applicator of Tiger coatings.

The success of a finish’s performance lies in the control of the application process operated by Kawneer, to apply a single coating which provides greater protection than any alternative wet-spray, dip or electrophoretic paint system. By using polyester powders containing high quality pigments and resin systems proven by extensive exposure tests.

Permacover™ provides impact and abrasion resistance with colour uniformity and an extensive colour range.

Kawneer Permacover™ complies with the requirements of:

  • BS EN 12206-1:2004:
    Paints and varnishes. Coating of aluminium and aluminium alloys for architectural purposes
  • ISO 9001: 2015
    Quality Management System
  • BBA 91/2704
    The Interpon D Systems Agrément Certificate