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Mental Healthcare Window Systems

Developed in partnership with several Healthcare Trusts for the Mental Healthcare sector, the AA®3110HW Window has been designed to ensure that the needs of the user are paramount with easy to operate functions.

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  • Four levels of product specification
  • Secure stainless steel mesh – removable/fixed
  • Anti-ligature hardware available

Kawneer in partnership with one of its premium fabricators/dealers Polar NE has developed its sliding window solution to new levels of performance and security.

This specialist sliding window for mental health projects – exclusively developed by Kawneer and Polar – offers a number of features/benefits:

  • Four levels of product specification
  • Sliding sash – external or internal
  • Reduced ligature features throughout
  • Secure stainless steel mesh – removable/fixed
  • Low to medium security
  • Excellent air/wind/water performance
  • Anti-ligature hardware available

Humber Secure

The most popular product for the healthcare and mental health sectors, the Humber secure reduced ligature window creates the safest, most secure and controlled environment for both service users and staff. Suitable for up to medium secure facilities. The Humber secure window was specially developed in conjunction with the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust to create a product nobody else could offer. With an external sliding sash controlled from inside the room via a reduced ligature turn handle, it allows for increased service user control and ease of maintenance. The secure stainless-steel mesh is removable by maintenance staff only, via a reduced ligature half cylinder lock, in the result of the mesh being damaged or soiled. Being removable, this reduces room downtime and allows for complete access to the entire mesh and glass behind the mesh for complete cleaning and infection control.

Wear Secure

The Wear Secure healthcare window is an adaptation of our Wansbeck Secure healthcare window. The Wear Secure incorporates a secure stainless-steel mesh to guard the restricted open area. This window is a solution that can be used within a low to medium secure facility. This window includes an internal sliding sash, which opens to a fixed position of 125mm, which is to be operated by staff and fixed to being either fully open or fully closed, allowing staff to control the safety and security, as well as ventilation. Another benefit is the ability to access all faces of the glass and stainless-steel mesh, allowing for full cleaning and infection control. The stainless-steel mesh is used to ensure the service user cannot be passed contraband through the window, without compromising natural light & ventilation into the room.

Tyne Secure

A solution suitable for low to medium secure facilities. The Tyne Secure healthcare window has a side hung stainless steel mesh, to allow extra access for cleaning and maintenance. The Tyne Secure window comprises of an internal horizontal sliding sash, which can be locked at either fully closed, 125mm open, or fully open. Allowing staff control over the ventilation of the room to reduce potential risks, as well as provide controllable ventilation. The secure stainless-steel mesh allows for maximum natural light and ventilation, whilst ensuring contraband cannot be passed through into the service users bedroom. The side hung stainless steel mesh can only be opened from the exterior, further reducing possible risks. This window is primarily used on the ground floor of a building, or one which has a safe exterior walkway if positioned on higher levels.

Wansbeck Secure

The Wansbeck Secure healthcare window has been developed to be used within a low secure facility. However, they can be used in all risk facilities within non-patient areas. The Wansbeck Secure creates a healthy environment for the service user, through the option to have the window opening restricted to 125mm. With no stainless-steel mesh, natural light and ventilation is not compromised, being the reason why this window is preferred in low risk environments or non-patient areas. Staff can control the opening and closing of the window to the chosen locking points, to reduce risks and manage the service user. However, when the sliding sash is locked at the opening position, access to the outside for the service user must be considered.

Project Assistance

For advice and support and to ensure you find the best solution for your individual project needs, please contact our Architectural Services Team.

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