Kawneer launches the new AA®720 Accessibility Window

28 February, 2023

The Kawneer AA®720 Accessibility Window provides architects with flexibility of design for accessible and adaptable buildings compliant with the requirements of Doc M. Designed in line with guidelines set out in The Lifetime Homes Standards which is based on five principles, inclusivity, accessibility, adaptability, sustainability and good value for everyone from young families to older people and individuals with a temporary or permanent physical impairment.

Kawneer UK fully supports the creation of accessible houses and has been developing solutions that fulfil these requirements for many years. Kawneer is introducing its AA®720 Accessibility Window with Two-Stage Opening Vent.

The product’s operation handle is located at the bottom of the vent, providing full access and control. The opening vent has been specifically designed for high-rise residential applications, but is easily adaptable for multiple markets.

The AA®720 Accessibility Window is side hung inward opening featuring two stages, the first allows natural ventilation to enter the building through a 100mm opening providing natural ventilation in line with Document F and safety compliance with HTM 55 and BS 8213. The second stage allows the window to be fully opened with a security key for cleaning, maintenance and purge ventilation. When closed, the restrictor mechanism automatically re-engages the window for enhanced safety.

Tested to PAS 24, the AA®720 Accessibility Window’s weather and thermal performance provides a greater level of accessibility and comfort for an entire lifetime.

For further information, please contact:

Jane Ashley
Marketing Executive
Kawneer UK Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 1928 502500

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